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Getting to know the school and the island

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Why Nonnenwerth?

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Franciscan Values

Since 1854 we have been educating young people on the traditional Rhine island of Nonnenwerth and preparing them to make value-based decisions in a modern society and to shape the world of tomorrow. To this end we provide them with an excellent school education based on Franciscan values and prepare them for studies at renowned universities in Germany and around the world. As a religiously oriented school, we orient ourselves in our pedagogical work to Francis of Assisi and his way of life. Respect for human dignity, peace, justice and care in dealing with creation are particularly important for us. If you share our values and ambitious educational goals, you have found the right school with the Franziskus Gymnasium Nonnenwerth!

Strong school community

Like Francis of Assisi we want to meet the world in openness and fraternity. In this spirit we are united as a strong school community of teachers, pupils and parents. Every human being is free and is commissioned by God to act responsibly and to act creatively. To fulfil this mission in today’s world, we need people with civil courage, communication skills and sensitivity to the social environment and the future of creation. We encourage our students to take on social responsibility. They should be able to take well-founded positions and set goals in a confrontation with Christian values.



Academic excellence

Year after year, our graduating classes achieve an average grade of 2. 2 on their A-levels. This means that our school is regularly significantly better than the state average and is one of the best schools in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate.


In order to lead our Upper School students optimally to the Abitur, we enable them to choose from a wide range of subjects and guarantee particularly efficient learning through small courses. Our average performance course size is 13 students. In any case, performance courses are already set up for 8 interested persons.

Unique learning atmosphere

Our aim is to provide children with a high-quality education and Christian-ethical values in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Our exceptional and unique location in the historic monastery building on the Rhine Island, on the one hand spacious and on the other hand secluded, favors a very special learning atmosphere and school community at the FGN.

Individual support

Our aim is to guide our students to take responsibility for their learning progress in their own hands. We support them intensively in the event of learning difficulties and also promote their special talents and inclinations. We don’t leave any student behind.

In differentiation lessons in the morning, students who need additional support in a subject receive remedial teaching in small groups from a subject teacher in the classroom. In the form of lessons, he instructs them to catch up with their classmates. Pupils who have no need for support take part in a differentiation offer of their choice during these lessons, e. g. at MINT projects, programming courses, or musical offers.
As soon as the pupils have caught up in the learning level with the help of Remedial Classes they may leave the support lesson and also participate in the differentiation lessons.

Habitat school – All-Day School at Nonnenwerth

The pedagogical concept of our All-Day School assumes that the learning process of the children takes place mainly in school and that the homework can be dispensed with. The learning times, as well as individual supporting and differentiating practice and deepening phases, are already integrated into the lessons, which for this reason comprise 55 minutes.

The rhythmization of lessons and daily routine is a major concern for us. Thus, our students’ school day does not only consist of lessons: During their 55-minute lunch break, they take a meal freshly prepared by our kitchen team before relaxing, playing, or romping around in the extensive outdoor area or the playroom. In addition, our FSJlers offer a varied range of breaks every day, e. g. balancing on the slackline, handicrafts, or group games.

Study and career guidance

With a wide range of advisory services, we support our students in finding the right path for their future careers after graduation. Supported by renowned external partners and institutes, our special focus is on individual advice and support for our students.

Certified MINT-EC-School

Our school is a long-standing member of the national excellence network MINT-EC. This enables us to offer our students – in addition to a particularly intensive school program in the MINT subjects – a wide range of events organized by external cooperation partners. They are allowed to participate in Germany-wide MINT-EC-Camps, which are organized by renowned research institutions, and can immerse themselves deeply in the respective field. We also certify our commitment to the MINT-Sector with the recognized MINT-EC certificate, which offers special opportunities when applying for internships and study places.

No loss of lessons

Already two days after the nationwide school closures during the Corona pandemic in 2020, FGN was once again teaching according to the regular timetable – virtually, via video conference. While at most other schools assignments were sent by e-mail, our students had the usual daily contact with their teachers and maintained their regular daily routine.

On the pulse of the times – Digitalization at FGN

All classrooms and course rooms are equipped with beamers. In addition to a computer room with Apple computers, 40 laptops are available for use in classrooms or for a loan to schoolchildren. Using a messenger and timetable app, digital communication between teachers, pupils and parents can be achieved quickly and easily. Fast broadband Internet access with over 300 Mbit/s enables online-supported work throughout the school.

Subject Economics – successful nationwide

Since 2014, we have been offering the subject Economics, for which FGN is regarded as a pioneer in Rhineland-Palatinate, with the curriculum specially developed by our school, as the first school in Rhineland-Palatinate. In addition to providing basic economic education and attending business lectures, the program also includes the establishment of a real start-up of its own. With these student companies, our students regularly celebrate national and national successes; in one case, we even successfully applied for a patent.

The school company “glam penail” had its idea of a nail polish marker patented after nationwide success in 2016.

Bilingual citizens of the world

In the so-called “Bili class”, children with particular language skills are increasingly receiving their specialist instruction in English. In this way, they are gradually led to a high level of foreign language and intercultural competence and are almost bilingual by the end of their school careers. Many of them take part in the preparatory course for the Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English (C1), a demanding, internationally recognized examination that opens the door to study and a successful career in English-speaking countries.

Music concept

All our students learn a wind or string instrument or are trained in singing. The lessons are given by specially trained colleagues with many years of teaching experience; they are usually led by two teachers. Our many musical ensembles, among others Big Band, orchestra and choir enrich the cultural life of our island and our neighboring communities with their impressive performances.

Adapted holiday dates

Due to the location of FGN on the state borders of Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia and the different holiday dates in the two federal states, there are special holiday dates. The “Nonnenwerth holidays” take into account the holiday schedule of the two federal states and make it easier for the parents of our pupils to organize and plan several school-age children.

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