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Baby- and Juniorsitting (Degree)

Training to become a baby- and junior-sitter with a diploma “Learning for Life” with many exercises

The concept at a glance:

  • 20 hrs. à 55 min with 12 practical exercises
  • Information letter to the parents of the participant (Jugendschutzgesetz, Liability Insurance)
  • Guide to the initial interview
  • Application form Baby- and junior-sitter

IMPORTANT: A re-election of the course by the participants of the last course is not useful, as the course contents are identical.

Course programme:

  • Getting to know each other, role of the baby and junior sitter (1 hour)
  • Development phases and needs of infants, nursery and kindergarten children (1 hour)
  • Putting on and undressing, as well as changing babies, nursery and kindergarten children (1 hour)
  • Wearing and storing: The right sleeping environment (1 hour)
  • Communication/education (2 hours)
  • Rights and obligations (1 hour)
  • The “Bringing to bed”, Evening Rituals (1 hour)
  • Identifying and preventing accident hazards (2 hours)
  • Handling different books (1 hour)
  • Hygiene, health care (1 hour)
  • Body care (1 hour)
  • Behaviour in emergency situations (1 hour)
  • Nutrition (2 hours)
  • Playing, singing, motivating (2 hours)
  • Approaches for 1st aid measures (1 hour)
  • Application documents (1 hour)

Upon successful completion, participants receive a diploma and can be included in the babysitting database, which helps the Haus Heisterbach to find certified babysitters in Königswinter and Bad Honnef.

Baby- and Juniorsitting
Instructor: Mrs. Hamelmann
Place: Classroom
Date: Thursdays
Possible as a one-hour activity? No
Others: Can be chosen from class 7 onwards.

About the instructor:

Mrs. Hamelmann is an experienced specialist paediatric nurse who has worked in youth and adult education for many years. She is the mother of two children on Nonnenwerth and offers this course in cooperation with the association “Perspektiven für das Leben e. V. ” from the Haus Heisterbach.