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Film and Photo

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. In the group you will learn how to tell stories with pictures and how to use the necessary equipment properly. It is our goal that you implement your own little photo and film ideas.

You will learn different methods of creating a film, including the stop-motion technique. A film – like the good old flip book, but now digital and with sound – is put together from many individual photos. So learn e.g. Lego or clay figures run.

Here you can see a film produced by students (the link takes you to the video portal “Youtube.com”).

Finally, the pictures and videos are post-processed on the PC. You will learn about digital color processing, video editing techniques and assembly tricks.

Director’s Cut.

All interested students are cordially invited. At least one of the following characterizations should apply to you:

  • You are creative and can imagine exciting stories exactly like in a film.
  • You know a little about photography and have good ideas on how to position the camera so that the shot exactly meets your expectations.
  • Nobody is fooling you on the PC (attention, this is not about video games!) and you master new software quickly.

Warning: short film projects are also very labor-intensive. The necessary commitment that you will need to implement your creative ideas on film is a prerequisite.

Film and Photo
Instructor: Mr. Ahlhaus
Place: classroom / Computer room
Date: Tuesdays

Possible as a one-hour activity?


About the instructor:

Mr. Ahlhaus teaches German and History at Nonnenwerth.