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Plant and enjoy health from nature yourself: Kristin Pöpping shows in the garden on the island how healthy vitamins can be sown in the soil, planted, and then harvested. Wonderful dishes can be prepared from the sweet garden fruits, vegetables, and herbs from the earth, but also from many wild herbs and flowers. Eating instead of tearing is the motto when preparing meals together from the garden and the wilderness of the island.

In colorful and interesting games around the garden, the participants learn what nature offers us, but also why some plants are poisonous for us.

Important: Bring weatherproof clothing, rubber boots/gardening shoes, and gardening gloves.

Instructor: Mrs. Pöpping
Place: Outdoor/ Workshop
Date: Thursdays
Possible as a one-hour activity?
Yes, but preferably two hours.

About the instructor:

Kristin Pöpping, Dipl.-Soz.-päd., is a Nature educator, nature and landscape guide, honey expert, and founder of wiesenkind® GbR – nature experience from the beginning.

Contact: info@wiesenkind.de