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Sculptural Design

In this course, we will make sculptures out of Ytong stone, wood, and clay.

The children are introduced to the different textures of materials, acquire the manual skills to work with these materials, and learn how to use different tools. On the one hand, soft and easy to work with materials such as Ytong stone and clay are used, with which quick results can be achieved, whereas the harder materials such as wood require more time and patience. The choice of motifs is left entirely up to the children.

Every child can and should develop his or her own ideas and conceptions and bring them in. Group projects are also to be implemented, in which several children then participate.

The aim of this activity is to expand the craftsmanship of the children, to stimulate the development of their own artistic ideas and to awaken joy in the creation of works by hand.

Sculptural Design
Leadership: Mr. Elevis
Place: Craftcellar
Date: Tuesdays
Possible as a one-hour activity? Yes
Costs: approx. 1-3 € per appointment (depending on the processed material)

About the instructor:

My name is Tuncay Elevis, I came to Bruchhausen/Scheuren in 1981 and I have been working as an artist for about 30 years. I have presented my sculptures in numerous exhibitions and I am a member of local art associations, such as. e. g. the Linz/Rhine Art Association or the Königswinterer Künstlerverein. Most recently, an exhibition of my works took place as part of the island festival on Nonnenwerth. To get a glimpse of my work, also check out: www.elevis.de.

I have gained pedagogical experience through courses offered at the VHS-Linz, through private lessons in my studio as well as through various working groups for plastic design in different schools.