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Self-defense (based on Taekwondo)

Taekwondo is a sport for all those who want to set out to develop their own potential. The techniques of Taekwondo are very effective, requiring skill, perception, and presence rather than rawness and strength.

One’s own body awareness and a feeling for the body are developed and trained. Taekwondo also increases concentration and reduces aggression. When in an everyday situation it is important to be able to defend oneself without hurting the other person, these punching and kicking techniques are of great use and increase self-confidence.

The dynamic processes and the use of the whole body allow a versatile body experience. In addition, balance, coordination, and smoothness are further developed.

Leadership: Kim man Kuem
Place: Dojo of TV Eiche at Hit Markt in Bad Honnef
Date: Tuesdays
Possible as a one-hour activity? No
Others: Walk there and back, no lunch possible on these days (see below)

Please note:

The participants take the boat on the right bank of the Rhine at 13:05 and reach the training hall of TV Eiche from Grafenwerth on foot within 15 minutes via side roads with little traffic. After finishing the training, the left bankers go back to Grafenwerth and reach the left bank of the Rhine via Nonnenwerth as usual. Therefore, lunch is not available on Nonnenwerth on these days, so please pack a lunch.

About the instructor:

Mr. Kim man Kuem is Grand Master and bearer of the 8th Dan. During his Taekwondo career, he became the author of two textbooks (Taekwondo poomse textbook 1977 and a Taekwondo textbook 1985). In addition, he is serving as an international referee. In 1964, he was the Korean featherweight champion. He has been successfully leading several groups at TV Eiche Bad Honnef for some time and is now looking forward to a new challenge.