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Sound Engineering

Do you enjoy technology and music?

Then you are in the right place in the Sound Engineering Club!

We will find out how a microphone works, what kind of microphones there are, and where the best location in the radiation range of different musical instruments is. Which direction do the instruments sound best and why does the sound of the guitar not come out of the big hole?

It continues with mixing desks, effects devices, recording devices, and loudspeakers.

And we don’t just do all this theoretically, we work with all kinds of microphones, analog and digital mixers, different types of loudspeakers, and a small digital mini OB trolley.

The working group is aimed at students of grades 5 – 9.

Anyone, whether beginner or advanced, can participate.

Sound Engineering
Leadership: Mr. Rösberg and Ms. Latus
Place: Assembly hall
Date: Tuesdays
Possible as a one-hour activity? No

About the instructors:

Mr. Rösberg worked as a sound assistant at WDR during his studies (news engineering). He started a sound engineering company with the equipment he had from his time as a member of a band. For fourteen years he was head of sound engineering at the event series “Bonner Sommer”. Afterwards he worked eight years at Opera Bonn as a sound engineer. When the staff of the opera was drastically reduced, he moved to the education authority of the city of Bonn as a network administrator for ten years. In his spare time, he has been in charge of the Telekom Baskets’ sound engineering since 1998 and helps out in the company Sound Design Tontechnik GmbH, which he co-founded as a co-partner.

Ms. Latus teaches biology, chemistry and physics at Nonnenwerth.