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Music Concept

Music as part of holistic education in Nonnenwerth

“If you want to know whether a country is well-governed and well-maintained, listen to its music” (Konfuzius)

It is now undisputed that music can play an important role in a person’s development. Research results confirm the positive effects of music practice on the development of intelligence, social behavior, and the personality of a person. Former Minister of the Interior Otto Schily stated in 2002 at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt, “Anyone who closes music schools endangers internal security!” Not everyone will agree with his opinion. However, the experiences of other schools support the very positive effect of corresponding music concepts on coexistence in the classes and levels.

But it is also important for us to bring children closer to the joy of active music-making. By acquiring the ability to play actively with an instrument or voice, a child learns a cultural technique that can be meaningful and joyful for a lifetime. “Teach music by making music”;

We give your children music lessons based on the grammar school curriculum. Also, they learn to play a wind or stringed instrument and are trained in singing.

Specially trained colleagues with many years of teaching experience give lessons for this purpose and it is usually led by two teachers. The children learn in individual groups the necessary techniques and movement patterns of their instrument and play small pieces from the beginning. The experience that only intensive cooperation in the class leads to beautiful results promotes a sense of community and shapes positive interaction with each other. Also, concerts and small performances train a safe appearance. In Classes 5 and 6, children receive 2. 5 hours per week, each with 55 minutes of vocal and vocal lessons.

Instrumental area

After the end of the 2 years, the students can continue playing music in one of the many music groups (choirs, orchestras, bands) on Nonnenwerth.

Choice of instrument

At the beginning of the fifth grade, the students are divided into one of three groups according to their aptitude and choice: singing, wind or string group. In the string group, the children can learn the violin, viola, cello, and double bass.  In the wind group, saxophone, clarinet, flute, trumpet, and trombone. In the singing group, they learn the correct use of their voice and the multi-voiced, choral music-making. As a rule, every child should be beginners with their chosen instrument.


The necessary instruments are lent by the school, the rental price is 15€ per month for the duration of the two-year lesson, otherwise, there are no other costs apart from the textbook. Lessons in the vocal group are free of charge. This is made possible by the generous support of the school board, the Schulwerk, and the Förderverein.