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Career Counseling

Our mission statement states: ‘When leaving school, young people should be able to lead their private and professional lives on their own with responsibility and meet their fellow human beings and creation in dignity.’ We believe that school must provide a framework, both in terms of content and form, that helps pupils to prepare for the transition from school to adult life.

While our pupils may well get to know everyday working life in charitable occupational fields during their social internship during grade 10, the focus of this is not on vocational orientation. Rather, we are primarily concerned here with sensitizing them to the living conditions of other people, and with practicing an attitude of solidarity and empathy for their fellow human beings.


In order to optimally prepare our students for their professional orientation, they learn the ‘craft’ in the form of training in grade 9. In order to support them in their individual choice of career, we also offer participation in a potential analysis, carried out at our school by the Thimm-Institute, as well as the workshop ‘My Vision for Profession’, which is offered by a mother of two nuns who works as a personnel manager and coach. With the ‘Uni Trainees‘ we have also developed a series of events for upper school students to prepare them for university studies.

With the support of our alumni network, parents, entrepreneurs, UAS’s and universities, we also organize the study and career fair ‘Jobs Today, Tomorrow, Together’ every two years, where our senior high school students can obtain first-hand information and make initial contacts.

Our students can already get a taste of university while they are still at school: With the ‘Encourage, Challenge, Research‘ program, we make it possible for particularly talented students to take part in individual events at the University of Bonn in addition to their classes.

The coordinator for career orientation is Astrid Heilmann-Cappel.