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School Trips

School trips are part of the teaching mission and complement the school's educational work. They enable a direct view, promote cooperation and togetherness among all those involved in school life and deepen the understanding of cultural, historical and social contexts. For this reason, such trips are not primarily intended to be fun and entertaining.

In the following programme of journeys, the journeys in which all pupils take part in the course of their school careers are presented. In addition, a large number of trips and exchange programs are offered: every pupil should have the opportunity to travel to Assisi, the birthplace and place of work of Francis, at least once during his or her school career. Other, smaller trips take place within the framework of classes and courses. Exchange programs support the acquisition of foreign languages and create cross-border friendships. Currently, there are exchanges with schools in the USA, Canada, France, Latvia and Poland.

The Nonnenwerth Travel Program

Orientation stage

In the orientation stage, there is a staging trip at the beginning of grade 6. All three parallel classes head for a common destination (Borkum). As a rule, this trip lasts six days (Monday – Saturday) and is accompanied by the two respective class leaders. The trip is prepared by the pupils as part of their lessons. The main focus of the trip is on sports, geography, history, environment and natural history, as well as living together in a group and strengthening social skills. The costs amount to approximately 270 € (as of 2014).

Middle School

The middle school trip generally takes place in grade 8. As a class trip, it serves not only to deepen teaching, but also to strengthen cohesion and understanding within a class, to promote social behaviour and mutual consideration.

There is the possibility to carry out a ski class trip under expert guidance. For organisational reasons, it can take place either as a class trip of one or two classes. The destination is the Austrian Alps (Neukirchen am Großvenediger). The costs for 9 days are about 350 € (as of 2014).

For the bilingual class there is the possibility of a one-week class trip to England (Brighton) to test and improve their language skills. Accommodation will be with English host families. If possible, the trip is accompanied by a class teacher and an English teacher. The costs are about 350 € (as of 2014).

As an alternative to these trips, class trips to other destinations can also be offered within the framework of the cost specifications.

In view of the special organisational and financial circumstances of class trips in grade 8, information, advice and coordination of the trip takes place in grade 7. A trip is deemed to be decided upon if half of the parents or guardians present and entitled to vote, vote in favour of the trip, otherwise the trip is rejected.

Upper School

Sports Religion Week

The Sports Religion Week at the beginning of the Mainz Study Level (MSS 10) aims to offer not only sports activities of various kinds, but also an opportunity for personal orientation and community experience and religious discussions for each student in an atmosphere free from school constraints. The duration of the activity is 5 or 6 days, the cost depending on the sports offered is between 200 and 250 € (as of 2014). The elections for the Sports Religious Journey are held in Year 9 by means of first, second and third elections. The final allocation of the students will be made by the school to ensure that they get to know each other in new personal constellations.

Study trips

Study trips take place at the beginning of MSS 12 and usually go to other European countries. They are intended to deepen the understanding of the culture and history of the visited destinations through direct study on the spot and enrich it through concrete observation. Study trips are prepared and followed up by the students. To deepen the preparatory work, there is a central study day in the previous year (usually parallel to the Federal Youth Games).

Study trips take place in the last week before the autumn holidays and are supervised by two teachers. In exceptional cases, the Friday before the study trip can be included in the trip upon request. If trips are completed within the last week of school before the holidays, the pupils attend classes again the day after the trip.

The financial maximum is 500 € per person (as of 2014). If possible, a cheaper study trip will always be offered.

Study trips are carried out on a course-oriented basis, not on a course-related basis. The choice of destinations is made by the students by first, second and, if necessary, third choice. Course participants of the driving instructors have priority, but are not obliged to participate.