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Support, Challenge, Research

Within the framework of the promotion of gifted students, we gladly accept the offer of the University of Bonn to participate in the project “Fördern, fordern, forschen” (“FFF”). For some years now, pupils from the region have been able to attend lectures and exercises in selected subjects (e.g. mathematics, computer science, chemistry, physics, law, economics, German studies, Romance studies) like normal students at the university within the framework of this support programme. The programme is aimed at gifted young people with good grades who may wish to study a chosen subject and sometimes feel under challenged at school. Participation in this project does not oblige one to study the chosen subject at a later date. However, the certificate is recognised by the University of Bonn and many other universities and can shorten studies. Furthermore, even after participating for two semesters, one can still apply for a scholarship from the Citizens’ Foundation – an advantage not to be underestimated in view of the increasing costs of studying.

We support our ‘early students’ by holding monthly meetings, which allow us to identify and resolve any problems early on. Missed classes at school must of course be made up for, so that it must be carefully checked in advance (and approved by the school management) whether a student is up to the additional burden. Of course, you can always drop out of your studies if you notice that your school interests suffer too much or perhaps other interests become more important. In any case, it is an excellent opportunity to test whether the chosen subject really delivers what you expect of it.

Further information about the FFF programme can be found on the homepage of the University of Bonn. We also collect reports from former participants of our school.

The contact person for the FFF program is Astrid Heilmann-Cappel.