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Mission Statement

The Gymnasium Nonnenwerth has never seen itself as a school where only knowledge is taught. The changes in the educational landscape have been addressed in many books and essays and do not need to be repeated here. In recent years, the College has repeatedly dealt with the question of what shapes education at our school and what is  the spirit of this grammar school. Indeed, one of our advanced training seminars focused on this topic where more than 50 colleagues struggled to find a common basis from which to design the concrete everyday teaching routine.

A working group, which was then set up specifically for this purpose, drew up a first draft of a mission statement, which – in close cooperation with the school’s sponsor – was discussed and refined again and again. The version now available is the result of months of work on the topic. However, a mission statement is never finished as we will have to deal with it again and again and we have to think  about how we actually live it in our everyday life.