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Drive to Assisi

“We are Christians – on the road as believers, questioners, and seekers – who together form a school rooted in the Franciscan spirit” declares our mission statement. “We orientate our pedagogical activities towards Francis of Assisi and his life based on faith; therefore respect for human dignity, peace, justice, and care in dealing with creation is important to us.”

Therefore, it is our goal to give as many students and colleagues as possible the opportunity to travel to Assisi during their time at Nonnenwerth. For in his birthplace, the way of life and the ideals of St. Francis are transmitted. The experience of St. Francis can be experienced in a special and inspiring way.

Usually, we travel in autumn with a group of about 25 – 30 persons by bus to Umbria and spend a week there in the “Casa del Bene,” a self-catering house of the Franciscan Sisters of Sießen. It is built in the style of the local area and is idyllically situated in the olive groves below Assisi, five minutes walk from San Damiano.

The journey is accompanied by colleagues. On the spot we visit the places where Francis lived and worked and, accompanied by the Sisters of Siessen, we try to understand his work and to follow his spirit: we visit San Damiano, the place of his vocation, San Francesco, the hermitage of Carceri and Santa Maria Degli Angeli with the “Portiuncula Chapel” the place where the Franciscan movement was founded.

But there is also enough time for others, mainly creative activities. These form the secondary focal point of the journey. This is how the group “Solidary Island” was founded in Assisi, which has enriched our school life ever since through its commitment to good cooperation. A photography course, a writing workshop, and music have been further focal points so far.

Participation in this trip depends on the following criteria:

We are looking forward to everyone who would like to join us on the next trip! For those who would like to get an impression of this impressive journey, we recommend the following short film from 2011: