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Upper School (10-12)

The upper school in Rhineland-Palatinate, the MSS (Mainzer Studien-Stufe), comprises the last three school years, grades 10 to 12.

Our graduating classes achieve an average grade of 2.2 year after year on their A-levels. This means that our school is regularly significantly better than the state average and is one of the best schools in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Average A-grades

Subjects/ basic subjects

In the MSS, in contrast to the SuS in most other federal states, our students (SuS) take three instead of usually two advanced courses and additional basic courses from the beginning of the 10th grade.

One of the special features of Nonnenwerth is that we regularly offer advanced courses not only in traditional subjects such as German, English, mathematics, biology, but also in Latin, French, physics, history, geography, social studies, music and sports. If the students are interested, we even offer courses in chemistry and fine arts.

In the basic subject area, the canon of subjects known from secondary school is supplemented by computer science, philosophy and Spanish. The DELE language diploma can be obtained in Spanish.

Small courses

We are also particularly proud of the very small courses in which we can optimally prepare our SuS for the Abitur examination. Currently, the advanced courses have between 8 and 20 credits, on average about 15 credits.


Sports Religion Week

The Sports Religion Week at the beginning of the Mainz Study Level (MSS 10) aims to offer not only sports activities of various kinds, but also an opportunity for personal orientation and community experience as well as religious discussions for each student in an atmosphere free from school constraints.

Study trips

Study trips take place in the week before the autumn holidays of MSS 12 and usually lead to other European countries. They are intended to deepen the understanding of the culture and history of the visited destinations through direct study on site and to enrich it through concrete observation.

Further information about MSS

Important documents, links and information about the upper school at Nonnenwerth can be found here.

Dr. Jeanette Latus, Head of the Grammar School Upper School