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Parents Council

The School Parents’ Advisory Board (SEB) is a body provided for in the School Act of Rhineland-Palatinate and the Participation Regulations for Catholic schools under the independent sponsorship of the Diocese of Trier, which is elected from the ranks of the parents of our school, usually every two years. The task of the school parents’ council is to promote and help shape the school’s educational work. The School Parents’ Council is to advise the school, support it, give suggestions, and make proposals. The School Parents’ Councils in Rhineland-Palatinate are organized in the State Parents’ Council.

Who we are:

We are parents who are committed to helping shape our children’s school and being the voice of all parents. To make this possible, we meet regularly with the school management and the elected student representatives. We are informed about the school’s activities and can, if necessary, influence the school in the parents’ interest or make suggestions. Minutes of the meetings are taken and can be viewed in the ZIS. We participate in the teachers’ conferences, in the school advisory board and the textbook committee, and we are represented by individual representatives at the various specialist conferences.

Members of SEB

We see ourselves as a constructive working committee that supports the school and the students in their tasks. For this to succeed, good communication between all those involved in school activities is essential. The SEB will, therefore, in addition to the minutes of the meetings, improve the flow of information to the parents with a newsletter.

Of course, the SEB is always dependent on support from parents in the implementation of its projects. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all committed parents.

We are always open to your questions or suggestions. Please feel free to contact the members of the SEB.