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SCHULerELternlehrer – planning group, short:


The Schelle



Engagement for a motivating school life…


Nonnenwerther Together

As an association of pupils, parents, and teachers, ‘The Schelle’ is a unique, independent body of the Franziskus Gymnasium Nonnenwerth, which has made it its task to bring these three groups together, to promote the mutual exchange of ideas and to enrich the school day with an additional motivating offer.

The Schelle organizes – voluntarily and detached from everyday school life – regular events that promote constructive cooperation in accordance with the school’s guidelines. A constant exchange of information with the existing school committees such as the school management, sponsors, student representatives, school parents’; council, support association, Schulwerk, etc. is vital.


Living space school

For more than twenty years, this group of organizations has been committed – for the first time in preparation for the students day in March 1992 – to the creation of the “living space school” beyond the classroom as a place not only of learning but also of well-being and friendships, in which personal growth is possible even beyond grades.

As a link between students, parents, and teachers, we would like to promote mutual respect, openness in dealing with each other and the joy of learning. This can be expressed in lectures, discussion evenings or workshops. In doing so, we want to be “close to the pulse” of the school and act closely in line with the current ideas, wishes, and needs of pupils, parents, and teachers.


Creative Forum

The Schelle meets regularly for creative input of ideas and has set itself the goal of offering a lively exchange of ideas, collecting and promoting ideas through open sessions to which everyone interested is cordially invited, thus creating further space for the development of a trust-building relationship at the school. Therefore our goal is…

Project Forge

At present, the Schelle regularly organizes the following Nonnenwerth events:

In the planning phase are:

Ideas are welcome!

If you want to bring in your ideas, wishes, and suggestions, you can do this in different ways:

  1. An email to schelle@nonnenwerth.de – the answer is guaranteed
  2. Attend one of the public meetings of The Schelle – dates will be announced in the event plan on the website – please send a short registration by email to the clamp
  3. In the entrance area of the school hangs a letterbox of the clamp – where you can post your (also anonymous) suggestions

Current members of the Schelle

students parents teacher
Torsten Fuchs Mrs. Eichen

Mrs. Reinicke

Mrs. Spies

Mrs. Dillenburger-Brendt

Mrs. Flögerhöfer