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School Board

As school authorities, we would like to warmly welcome you to the Franziskus Gymnasium Nonnenwerth on the island of the same name. We are pleased that you are interested in our school or have even placed your trust in us for your education or the education of your children.

School education on the island of Nonnenwerth has a long tradition. The grammar school or its predecessors have existed on Nonnenwerth Island since 1854 as an institution of the Order of Franciscan Nuns of Nonnenwerth.

Such a long tradition of education is a clear sign that the Franciscan orientation that still exists today – which can be found not only in the mission statement of our school but also in its name and above all in the daily school life – has had a great attraction not only over the last decades and centuries but also today.

However, such a long tradition also shows that our school, in addition to its orientation towards Franciscan values, has managed to offer a attractive educational formation over the years. We have not relied solely on tradition, but have continually developed our school based on this tradition. We will continue to do this so that our school will continue to offer attractive and high-quality education for our students in the future – a modern school with roots rich in tradition.

Not least, for this reason, the Franciscan Sisters of Nonnenwerth handed over the sponsorship of the school from the hands of the Order to a non-profit limited liability company, the Privates Gymnasium Nonnenwerth gemeinnützige GmbH, in 2014. Here, too, the roots of our house will not be lost, because the Franciscan Sisters themselves are involved in the new school management, in addition to the Angela von Cordier Foundation founded by the Franciscan Sisters. The Franciscan orientation and the operation of the school are thus secured in the long term.