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Solidarity Club “Schulwerk”

Schulwerk Nonnenwerth e.V.

First, do the necessary, then do the possible,
and suddenly you accomplish the impossible.

Francis of Assisi

Franziskus Gymnasium Nonnenwerth – Education in the Franciscan Tradition

Many parents not only want their children to receive a good education, but also to be taught Christian values and basic attitudes in consensus with the school. This wish is safeguarded in Article 7 (4) of the Basic Law by the right to establish private schools. Especially for Christian parents, Catholic and Protestant private schools, therefore, prove to be a convincing alternative to the state school system.  Compared to other EU countries, however, there are fewer private schools in Germany, although they are in great demand by parents.

The Franziskus Gymnasium Nonnenwerth is part of a long Franciscan tradition. Tasks in the education and promotion of strong and responsible personalities are of special concern to it. In the life of the school, a sense of responsibility, value orientation, and lived faith beyond the subject matter play an important role. This is paired with a demanding, high-quality education and an attractive choice of possible focal points in natural sciences, languages, music, or business classes. This enables the students to choose their focus according to their interests and aptitudes. The Franziskus Gymnasium Nonnenwerth enjoys great interest with its combination of modern and value-oriented education for life.

Securing the future – a Solidarity Club for Nonnenwerth

School education in Germany is a matter for the state, and so the financing of schools is regulated according to the state laws: In Rhineland-Palatinate, attendance at privately-funded substitute schools is free of charge for pupils; school fees are not charged. In return, the private school authorities receive state subsidies by the Private School Act. This regular state refinancing, however, only includes the financing of the teachers and a lump-sum subsidy to cover the other costs of school operation. Any costs remaining after this that are not covered by this public funding are borne entirely by the respective school authority. This includes the financing of other personnel necessary for the school such as caretakers, building technicians, secretaries, school administration, etc., but also the ongoing operation and maintenance of the school infrastructure (e.g. teaching and learning materials, technical equipment, school buildings, sports, and outdoor facilities). In the case of Franziskus Gymnasium Nonnenwerth, there are also increased costs due to the special location ‘Insel Nonnenwerth’ as well as the preservation and modernization of the listed buildings and the maintenance of the parks.

The maintenance and expansion of modern educational infrastructure on the island of Nonnenwerth are therefore associated with high financial burdens for the school authorities every school year, which could not be managed without the active support of the school board.

The ‘Schulwerk Gymnasium Nonnenwerth e. V.’ is a registered charitable association that supports the responsible body of Franziskus Gymnasium Nonnenwerth in ensuring a good education and upbringing in the spirit of the Franciscan image for all children attending school. Like the school, the association feels committed to the Franciscan model.

What will the funds received be used for?

With your membership fees, Schulwerk Gymnasium Nonnenwerth actively supports the school board in financing an attractive and modern educational infrastructure on the island of Nonnenwerth. In the following you will find some examples of selected projects that have been realized by the school board in the last few years with the means of the Schulwerk Gymnasium Nonnenwerth:

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How can you help?

Securing the long-term future of Franziskus Gymnasium Nonnenwerth is a major challenge. The sustained interest in the preservation of this private school among parents, students, many alumni, and an inclined public encouraged the Franciscan Sisters of Nonnenwerth to take the step “Schulwerk” 15 years ago now. The Solidarity Club needs its idealistic, but also financial support. Here “Schulwerk” makes a valuable contribution and thus contributes to the preservation of the school. Only thanks to the help of many generous club members that the school can be maintained in its unique form. Especially the parents of the students, but also friends of the school are asked to become dues-paying members of”Schulwerk”. They are ultimately the ones who benefit the most from the school.

At the meeting of the Board of Directors on June 16, 2020 the following change in contribution was decided from August 1, 2020:

The contribution for one child is 200,- € per month, the contribution for two and further children 330,- € per month.

Here you can find the current flyer

Please print out the form and send it completed and signed by mail (schulwerk@nonnenwerth.de) and post (or only by post) to the following address:

Schulwerk Gymnasium Nonnenwerth e. V. , Insel Nonnenwerth, 53 424 Remagen

Are you already a member and want to increase your contribution already now? Then please send us an e-mail to schulwerk@nonnenwerth.de.

We are aware that there are situations where parents may not be able to pay the full amount. But this should not be a reason to unsubscribe your child or not become a member of the school! In such a case, please contact one of the following contributors:

Your enquiries will be treated with absolute confidentiality! Thank you very much! Of course, sponsors and godparents are also welcome to help students whose parents are unable to pay the amount themselves. Tax-deductible donation certificates are issued for all financial allocations.

Much obliged!

Your board of directors of Schulwerk Gymnasium Nonnenwerth e.V.